The HOPE Project

A program to prevent the chronicization of homelessness based on food self-sufficiency and skills development. This innovative project needs your support!

Nutrition Without Borders

NSF addresses the root of food insecurity by addressing its root causes, i.e. by implementing sustainable prevention measures. Because food security is a major determinant of the Human Development Index, NSF works with vulnerable individuals, mainly mothers and children, for whom food is a hindrance to physical, psychological, social or economic development.

The project

NSF believes that it is essential to support young people who are homeless at all levels in order to help them as much as possible to get by. That’s why the HOPE project came into being. Based on an ecological approach, the project aims to focus on levels that are sometimes missing on the community ground, namely the nutritional component and capacity building for self-sufficiency through workshops and activities.

NSF, in partnership with youth organizations, created this space where young adults between the age of 16 and 24 living in precarious situations can flourish. come and participate in collective cooking, sewing and management skills and skills building workshops. The ultimate goal is to prevent homelessness for young adults while promoting their self-sufficiency.


For troubled youth

NSF wants to directly address the problems by addressing their food insecurity affecting young people physically, mentally and ultimately promoting their “exit from the system”. NSF wants to provide troubled youth with the nutritional support they need to let their full potential flourish, despite their difficult start in life.

For the community

Youth organizations and troubleshooting resources do not always have the time or expertise to assess or adapt to the specific needs of troubled youth. Through this action research, NSF is committed to identifying the most effective preventive food measures to support young people towards their food independence.

Long-term benefits

Having intervened with 100 at-risk youth and enabled them to meet their nutritional needs, NSF will be better aware of the needs of this vulnerable population and will be able to offer an appropriate nutritional support service and support existing resources to better address this challenge.

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