A second year of mission for NSF

It's a busy year coming to an end for Nutrition Without Borders members… and no way to stop!

Following its launch on March 13, 2019, NSF met with its new team and founded its Board of Directors on April 10. Thanks to this dedicated and passionate team, NSF is dedicated more than ever to ending hunger in the world. One year already to collaborate with this team of thunder!

Marie-France Lalancette, founder of NSF and outgoing president, has ceded her position as president to Yvan Conoir, who with her extensive experience in international development, notably at Universalia and professor at Laval University, is a strong guide to NSF's next term.

As vice-president, a committed and an undisputed leader, Jacqueline Sokpoly, President of REFA Canada (Entrepreneurship Network of African Women of Canada), supports the board with her experience and dynamism. Follow REFA Canada

As treasurer, Marie-France Lalancette naturally continues her involvement with this organization to which she allowed to give her flight last February 2018. As the founder of the Quebec Nutrition Network, which gave birth to NSF's initiative, Marie-France Lalancette continues to motivate troops to make this world a world without hunger, through her passion for the cause. She is supported by Attia Amegandjen as a board secretary, a committed REFA member and an African-Canadian mother with a big heart about the cause.

No less important, the administrators, support with their skills our dedicated professionals who are currently active in the task by preparing the missions that will implement among other things the program An Egg for Life, in Benin, Africa: Viviane Minko, Chair of the Women's Commission of the PLC, Quebec Section, as administrator, with her dedication to the cause of women , sits alongside Guy Chigoho, President of the African Cultural Centre of Canada See CCAC events.

Sophie Venne and Cheryse Houndohoungbo, experienced nutritionists, sit on both boards to ensure the coordination of targeted projects talking executive committee.

A team of thunder that deserves the support of all in this fight against hunger!

A Joint Executive Board Qc-Benin: Ending World Hunger ENSEMBLE

The members of the Executive Board, Sophie Venne, Cheryse Houndohoungbo, Annie Caron, Marie-Pier Blais and Marie-France Lalancette, are constantly collaborating with Benin colleagues, including:

Armand Acakpo, nutritionist and spokesperson for NSF in Benin and Fawaz Boussari, nutritionist and president of the Association of Graduate Nutritionists of Benin, are supported by Daniel Gangbe, Haniel Montcho, Loristia Kpadonou, Daniel Dossou, Lionel Falola, all nutritionists who are committed to helping to stop malnutrition in their country.

A strong team that also benefits from the skills of a qualified agronomist, Fabrice Tchabossou for all aspects of agronomy and hygiene and health.

Without the support of all these partners and NGOs, NSF would not be able to deploy its projects and turn them into perenne actions. These are the NGOs Hope to Live, SHU (Human Solidarity), ABB-I, CREDEL and AJICO. Everyone plays a crucial role in enring every humanitarian mission that can change hundreds, and ultimately thousands of lives!

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