Mobile Nutrition Without Borders Clinic

Preventing malnutrition by promoting exchange between urban and remote areas and building local capacity

Nutrition Without Borders

NSF addresses the root of food insecurity by addressing its root causes, i.e. by implementing sustainable prevention measures. Because food security is a major determinant of the Human Development Index, NSF works with vulnerable individuals, mainly mothers and children, for whom food is a hindrance to physical, psychological, social or economic development.

The project

To enable NSF to anchor itself in underprivileged communities and to operate autonomously for its actions on the ground. It will provide, among other things, individualized emergency nutritional intervention, breastfeeding and malnutrition screening clinics, and diabetes awareness and screening workshops through the Insulin For Life program. The clinic will also provide a learning environment for local professionals and interns in international cooperation throughout the year. This initiative also aims to create a habit of working in multi-disciplinary conditions, especially with local nutritionists and nurses. This Mobile Clinic is an initiative developed in partnership with Nurses Without Borders.


For households

NSF’s Mobile Clinic activities are targeted at the most vulnerable communities. On its itinerary, NSF will meet with households and respond to the need of the moment to alleviate hunger, but also address the root causes such as lack of resources and education in remote areas.

For the community

This self-sustaining clinic will enable communities to receive support more quickly, and more consistent local capacity building, which are two important keys to addressing nutritional issues. NSF will be able to create anchors with local resources to work with them for sustainable solutions.

Long-term benefits

NSF aims to create a culture of sharing from the wealthy to the poorest. The Clinic will also ensure greater vigilance of the needs of communities, and better document the problems, but also generate a workforce better trained to respond to nutritional and preventive rather than palliative problems, and thus produce sustainable results.

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