Your gifts in kind are changing lives

Zero Hunger Solidarity Market

Want to make space in your house, in your life, in your head? Take up the minimalist challenge of NSF!

Take a tour of your possessions: there are certainly some you no longer care about! Don’t throw anything away! These objects that are no longer useful to you can do the business of other people in solidarity like you, and help NSF to help the most needy at the same time! The amount of sales that will be donated to NSF will be used to support local projects here in Quebec, including the HOPE project to help troubled youth.

How to participate in three easy steps:

  • Join the Nutrition Without Borders Solidarity Market on Facebook HERE. Advertise your articles about this buying group. Put them up for sale at an unbeatable price so they can be sold as quickly as possible!
  • Once the transaction is completed with your buyer, pay the full amount of your donations! A tax receipt can be issued in exchange for your donation, upon request.

To learn more about this new trend, the benefits of minimalism and how making space can change your life, watch an excellent documentary!

Zero Hunger Solidarity Market

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